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The time required: 7-35Days to arrive(Note)
Billing: Charge by order (basic fee: USD0.00) 
Basic freight: USD0.00
Free range: In this way of distribution free distribution 
Delivery Area: All regions 

Bistar Galaxy official website commitment to the sale of goods are genuine new, and the Bistar Galaxy the official website of the sold goods to provide 7 days no reason to return the goods, within 30 days of a quality repair service. Since customers receive the goods within 7 days (to express a single show the receipt date shall prevail) in goods without the use or washing and complete hangtag, packing and so on can enjoy is no reason to return service.
If you have to return the demand, please be sure to contact our customer service. For non quality problems returned goods, please confirm the returned goods not by use and packaging finished finally affect the second sale, if you return the goods acceptance by the warehouse, such as outer packing is not complete, lack of label and packaging, use trace and so on, we will deduct a you should repair costs, please understand.
Online customer service or email cs.en@bistargalaxy.com
To protect your rights, please note the following:
1 please take the goods carefully when you receive the goods, such as your sign for the number of goods has been confirmed. If the courier company has the provision must first sign for inspection, can be signed for inspection. If there is a shortage of goods, please immediately to the courier, and immediately call the official website of the Bistar Galaxy and our customer service instructions.
2. After receipt, please do not pick tag situation timely check the goods, and are not damaged or discarded packaging, in order to avoid due to the commodity label, packaging is not complete and other factors influence we provide you for return of goods and services.
3 for return, please contact with our customer service, agreed after the return of goods. To be sure to attach a reason to return your name, and contact. Please use the courier returned merchandise, and keep the receipt and delivery order, in order to query. (please note: we don't receive a peace mail!)
4. Due to quality problems caused by the returned goods, send back goods on behalf of the owner of the freight from the Bistar Galaxy official website to submit an expense account, a maximum reimbursement of 15 yuan for freight, such as non quality problems returned goods, postage by the customer bear.
5. The problem of quality refers to the appearance of the goods was damaged, hole, crack, accessories and poor; or transport caused by the appearance of visible damage. Because the computer monitor and digital camera shooting reasons, pictures and objects may exist some color, not quality issues.
6. For non quality problems returned goods, please confirm the returned goods not by use and packaging finished finally affect the second sale, if you return the goods acceptance by the warehouse, such as outer packing is not complete, lack of tag, use trace and so on, we will, as appropriate, to deduct your corresponding return repair costs, please understand.
7 because you are caused by improper use of the goods were damaged, I am afraid we can not handle the return service for you, you know.
The following conditions shall not handle the return:
1 the customer's long time to use or after washing, modify the product;
2 due to abnormal use and storage of goods caused by the problem of quality;
More than 3 of the 7 day return period of the goods (repair quality problems within 30 days).
Refund mode:
1 original way back to your account (money paid, paypal or online banking, etc.);
2 transfer to your bank account (the number of your bank card, bank name and name of the account you need to provide).
Return address:

Room 401,4/F,BlockD,South Fashion Creative Center,11 Langjing Road,Dalang Fashion Creative Town,LongHua District, ShenZhen, China Telephone : 86 755 6663 1483


Room 401,4/F,BlockD,South Fashion Creative Center,11 Langjing Road,Dalang Fashion Creative Town,LongHua District,ShenZhen,China telephone 518300: 86 755 6663 148

Bistar Galaxy official website commitment to the sale of goods are genuine new, and the Bistar Galaxy the official website of the sold goods to provide 7 days no reason to return the goods, within 30 days of a quality repair service. Since customers receive the goods within 7 days (to express a single show the receipt date shall prevail) in goods without the use or washing and complete hangtag, packing and so on can enjoy is no reason to return service.
If you have to return the demand, please be sure to contact our customer service. For non quality problems returned goods, please confirm the returned goods not by use and packaging finished finally affect the second sale, if you return the goods acceptance by the warehouse, such as outer packing is not complete, lack of label and packaging, use trace and so on, we will deduct a you should repair costs, please understand.
Online customer service or email cs@alvearltd.com
To protect your rights, please note the following:
1 please take the goods carefully when you receive the goods, such as your sign for the number of goods has been confirmed. If the courier company has the provision must first sign for inspection, can be signed for inspection. If there is a shortage of goods, please immediately to the courier, and immediately call the official website of the Bistar Galaxy and our customer service instructions.
2. After receipt, please do not pick tag situation timely check the goods, and are not damaged or discarded packaging, in order to avoid due to the commodity label, packaging is not complete and other factors influence we provide you for return of goods and services.
3 for return, please contact with our customer service, agreed after the return of goods. To be sure to attach a reason to return your name, and contact. Please use the courier returned merchandise, and keep the receipt and delivery order, in order to query. (please note: we don't receive a peace mail!)
4. Due to quality problems caused by the returned goods, send back goods on behalf of the owner of the freight from the Bistar Galaxy official website to submit an expense account, a maximum reimbursement of 15 yuan for freight, such as non quality problems returned goods, postage by the customer bear.
5. The problem of quality refers to the appearance of the goods was damaged, hole, crack, accessories and poor; or transport caused by the appearance of visible damage. Because the computer monitor and digital camera shooting reasons, pictures and objects may exist some color, not quality issues.
6. For non quality problems returned goods, please confirm the returned goods not by use and packaging finished finally affect the second sale, if you return the goods acceptance by the warehouse, such as outer packing is not complete, lack of tag, use trace and so on, we will, as appropriate, to deduct your corresponding return repair costs, please understand.
7 because you are caused by improper use of the goods were damaged, I am afraid we can not handle the return service for you, you know.
The following conditions shall not handle the return:
1 the customer's long time to use or after washing, modify the product;
2 due to abnormal use and storage of goods caused by the problem of quality;
More than 3 of the 7 day return period of the goods (repair quality problems within 30 days).
Refund mode:
1 original way back to your account (money paid, paypal or online banking, etc.);
2 transfer to your bank account (the number of your bank card, bank name and name of the account you need to provide).
Return address:



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